Website Design and Development

At Nonko our focus is on building customized, high impact web sites to help you connect with your audience. We recognize the importance of a strong and unique web presence in today's marketplace, and every website we create furthers this understanding. Unlike many agencies, with Nonko you won't find us using any templated web sites. We design and develop our sites from the ground up, working closely with you to ensure the site fits your vision and accomplishes its purpose.
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Content Management

Once a web site has gone live, you must consider the task of maintaining the site and ensuring the content is consistently new and updated. With this in mind, we work closely with you to determine which content you would like to be able to control. We build a customized Content Management solution around your needs, giving you the control required to keep your website current with fresh content.

Responsive Web Design

With mobile and tablet usage quickly on its way to outpace desktops for internet browsing, it is crucial that your site be designed in a manner which displays properly across the entire array of possible devices in today and tomorrows marketplace. We now build all of our sites using responsive web design, which allows for the content of the site to be rearranged to fit the screen of any device. No matter the screen size, we will make it work.

Web Application Design and Development

At Nonko, we build customized web applications and business solutions to streamline your workflow and promote information accessibility. By listening attentively to your needs we establish all the necessary information to help us determine which type of application is suitable for the task. We work closely with you along the development path, constantly ensuring that the application is meeting and exceeding its requirements.

We put great emphasis on ensuring that our web applications are serving their purpose, and producing positive results. From mobile application front ends to robust employee databases, and everything in between, Nonko is your go-to source for customized web application development.
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Web Hosting

Nonko offers affordable web hosting packages for web sites and web applications. We keep our sites dispersed across the cloud, safe from blackouts and downtime. If one server experiences a problem, the others step in to pick up the slack. Let us worry about the servers, you can sleep sound knowing that your site or application will always be up and running. We offer a discounted hosting package to all clients who want to host a website or web application built by us.

Digital Ad Design

With a deep understanding fueled by plenty of experience in the digital advertising realm, Nonko can help plan and create online advertising campaigns to suit your specific needs. From simple static mobile banners to intricate rich media flash ads, we can help you reach your target audience with effective digital advertising across all platforms.
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Branding and Identity

First impressions matter more than most would like to admit, so make sure yours counts. At Nonko, we create memorable brands that stick. We work closely with our clients to unearth the true ideas and emotions that they want people to associate with their brand. We take these initial indicators and use them to create profound and unique identities. Colours, imagery, font choice; it all follows once you have the proper associations in place. Let us create a timeless, memorable identity for your business that your clients can relate to.
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Print Design

At Nonko we offer print design services for all projects, large or small. Our print services include, but are not limited to: Business cards, Letterheads, Brochures, Posters, Corporate Reports, Banners, Advertisements, Clothing, and much more!