The Marble Factory

The Marble Factory approached us looking for a contemporary redesign and hoping to add the ability to maintain much of their own content. We worked closely with them to determine which content they would like to maintain control over, and built them a unique content management system around that. We packaged it all in a stylish dark theme, drawing influence from their stone finished products.
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Calgary Bathworks

Calgary Bathworks came to us looking to redesign their site with the purpose of building a stronger client base. The new site was designed with a focus on marketing their brand and converting passive users to clients. This was done in co-ordination with a social media campaign handled on their end. A combination of these things has resulted in a strong web presence for the business, who is now enjoying a steady stream of work. The site uses a content management system which allows an admin to log in and update the photo gallery as well as some imagery and text on the home page.
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Bow River Hearing

Bow River Hearing is a large, informational and interactive website for a western Canadian based hearing loss clinic. The purpose of the site is to inform the user of the company's products and services, as well as act as a guide to hearing health. An admin can log in to the content management system to update the News section as well as maintain the list of academic journals


Fairstyle is a photo blog for a local graffiti crew. It's a one page site which sequentially loads content entry by entry as the user scrolls further down. Using the simple content management system, the admins keep it up to date with striking, colourful artwork from their travels.
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Arctic Canada Construction

Arcan came to us looking for a contemporary feeling site to inform users of their services and maintain their portfolio. The client requested a heavy focus on photography of their projects, and so it is used tastefully throughout the design. The site contains informative pages listing services, company information, and safety procedures. Also, an admin can log in to the content management system to maintain and update the list of projects. The projects are sorted into categories and contain multiple text based values about the project as well as a gallery of photos.
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Eafo is a portfolio site for a local artist. Primarily it acts as a photo blog, but also features a news blog and a simple descriptive page. The client supplied some original artwork, which was used to compliment the traditional, rustic design. An admin is able to log into the content management system and update or maintain both the photo and news blogs.

Los Muertos Ink

Los Muertos Ink came to us looking for a website to house and archive their locally written web-comics. Having such a huge pile of assets to pull from was great, and consequently we heavily integrated their artwork into the design. The site has a large content management system which allows the admins to update and maintain the web comics, blog entries, and other small tidbits throughout the site.

RPM Piano Moving

Aesthetically, for RPM Piano Moving we wanted to take the visual concept of a piano and transform that into a 2 dimensional interface. The piano concept houses a straight forward, 4 page informative site.
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Cross Check Environmental

With a unique and compact design, Cross Check Environmental was built to be simple and informative site.

Help My Portfolio

Simple and straightforward, this lightweight site is merely 3 pages. It's basic, geometrical design drives the user right to the relevant information.