Footnotes is an advanced metrics tracking app for runners released for Blackberry. Our involvement with this project constituted building the web application to would allow users to review their run information. Our focus was on very simple and clean design to deliver the users request with a punch. All of the users metrics are laid out on one page with different levels of customization and categorization. Nothing is more than 2 clicks away.


PodBlaster was a flash based video game we developed back in 2008. It was sponsored for exclusive release by, and maintained a high ranked status throughout the site's lifetime. Shoot down enemy pods while roaming through deep space. Collect power ups and upgrades as you work your way through the increasingly difficult levels.
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Remedy Network

The Remedy Network is a robust human resources management web application built for a Calgary based energy company. It's basic function is to securely store information on personnel and allow for simple yet customizable reporting. It's many other features include, but are not limited to: task scheduling, a detailed report log, several different levels of access and control, and even a day calendar.